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Because our brain needs one

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How many times did I interrupt myself before I can start to write?

How much time is wasted because of my compulsive scrolling of smart phone?

How vulnerable am I to easily give in to procrastination?

How stressful is the thought that I didn’t achieve anything because I wasted time…

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Pursuing happiness is marketed by our society as something that we can obtain. And that’s where our mental health started to screw up.

If you are feeling anxious or depressed and have met me years ago, I can make what you feel worse by saying happiness comes from within you…

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There will be situations that you need to repeatedly execute some actions in your code. The initial instinct is to copy and paste the code multiple times. Although it works most of the time, it’s not the best practice. Especially if the way the action needs to be repeated varies…

For the years, iOS developers are debating which is more effective in building user interface, Storyboard or programmatically. The answer came during WWDC 2019, Apple provides the solution for this dilemma by announcing a completely new framework called SwiftUI. It totally changes the way apps are developed in Apple ecosystem…

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