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Artificial Intelligence is everyone’s concern

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It doesn’t matter whether your career is related to technology or not. Artificial Intelligence or AI is everybody’s concern right now. …

Because our brain needs one

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How many times did I interrupt myself before I can start to write?

How much time is wasted because of my compulsive scrolling of smart phone?

How vulnerable am I to easily give in to procrastination?

How stressful is the thought that I didn’t achieve anything because I wasted time…

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Pursuing happiness is marketed by our society as something that we can obtain. And that’s where our mental health started to screw up.

If you are feeling anxious or depressed and have met me years ago, I can make what you feel worse by saying happiness comes from within you…

Importance of using comments in programming

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Comments in computer programming are blocks of code that are ignored by interpreters and compilers. It is basically used as programmer’s readable explanation in the source code of a computer program.

Importance of using comments

  1. For documentation purpose. This will easily let other programmers understand how you write your code.
  2. Helps you recall the…

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Mapping in programming is a flexible method to index values. Python uses dictionary as means of mapping.

Python Dictionary

A dictionary is a data structure containing unordered collection of key value pair.


revealName = {
"Batman": "Bruce",
"Superman": "Clark",
"Wonder Woman": "Diana",
"Green Lantern": "Hal",

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Sequence is a data type containing collection of ordered values. It works the same way as variables that holds multiple values. Each value is ordered and begins with 0. Python programming offers three basic sequence: List, Tuple, and Range.

Python List

A list is a sequence data type containing ordered collection of…

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What is a variable?

Variables are used to store data. The stored data can be referenced or manipulated in a code. In other words, you can think of variables as containers that hold data.

How to declare variables in Python?

A variable is created once you assign a value. Python has no keyword or command for declaring a variable.


Zen temple that offers the best viewing experience

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The most important and prestigious Zen temple of Kyoto, Japan located in Arashiyama district. Registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Tenryu-ji temple is the number 1 among the city’s five great zen temples.

The place is breathtaking. Visiting Tenryu-ji allows…

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

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Medium updated their partner program terms last August 11, 2021. Under the updated terms is the new eligibility requirements for partner program. One of the requirements is that you need to have 100 followers first before you’re eligible to apply. …

The recommended programming language for beginners

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Python is the first programming language that I got familiar with thanks to its readability. It’s easy to understand for beginners that is starting to learn how to code. But this doesn’t mean that python is not used by experts. …

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